Transparency in Tender System

Open Tender system as per the Tender transparency Act is followed in the Tamilnadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation.

  • The Paper required for printing Textbooks is purchased directly from TNPL without Tender as per the orders of Government and exempted from Tender Transparency Act. The rates are fixed by the Negotiation Committee constituted by the Board.
  • The Virgin Coated Board / Duplex Board / Kraft Paper are being purchased by open tender system as per the Tender Transparency Act by Two bid system. A Tender Scrutiny Committee is constituted which will open the tender and recommends sending the sample for Lab Test. The Committee sets again and executes the Lab test result and recommend for opening of Price bid. The Committee finally suggests the L1 for negotiation. After negotiation with L1, the final rate will be placed before the Board for approval.
  • As for as printing rates concern, a scrutiny Committee is constituted as per the Tender Transparency Act and the Committee scrutinizes the rates for printing and other allied operations and recommends the standard rate for printing and other allied operations to the Board of Governors after negotiated with the L1 rate quoted bidders. The Board of Governors fixes the final rates for two years.